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~ Saturday, August 9 ~


Boston Con ‘14 day 1 is a wrap!

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~ Friday, August 8 ~
  • A kid (probably around 10 to 12 years old) walks up to the Stock*Pile Comics booth at Boston Con '14 and points at Forever Winter 2.
  • Kid: How much is this?
  • Joel: The first issue is $5 and the second is $4.
  • The kid turns to his mother and says something about the books being free. Joel and I look at each other confusedly. The kid turns to look at the book again.
  • Kid: Oh, wait...these aren't The Walking Dead.
  • The kid and his mother walk away. Joel and I look confusedly at one another once more.
  • Joel: ...
  • Me: ...
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~ Friday, July 25 ~
Support independent comics.

Support independent comics.

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~ Friday, May 16 ~
my con season starts at the end of the month (hartford comic con) trying to have this and another card as a set for the show. Based on the old marvel card series I would trade for airheads back in grade school.

my con season starts at the end of the month (hartford comic con) trying to have this and another card as a set for the show. Based on the old marvel card series I would trade for airheads back in grade school.


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~ Saturday, April 5 ~

Process shoots of the forever winter 3 cover!

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~ Tuesday, December 3 ~

Long time no post. Joel here checking in with the first 2 pages from “Forever winter 3” 

The opening of the book takes place in 1997, making these the first non “forever winter” pages in the story. How does this all tie in to Forever winter and the death of James’ father ? hopefully you’ll find out in September… 


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~ Monday, November 4 ~

Forever winter 2 now on sale

Hey gang, Just in time for NovemBRRR I’ve put physical copies of forever winter 2 up on the stockpile store. Digital copies are coming later this week.


As night falls on Concord, New Hampshire, James closes in on his father’s killer. Meanwhile, Kry, a loyal soldier, questions her allegiance as a new revelation is brought to light.

Recommended for Mature Readers 
36 pages, Color Cover, Black & White Interiors, 6.6 x 10.25


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~ Thursday, September 12 ~

Stock*pile golden ticket

I’m so excited for spx this weekend, where Forever winter 2 will finally be making its debut. In celebration I have decided to do the first ever stockpile golden ticket promotion, you are probably asking yourself “what the hell could that possible mean?”

well, its simple really. 

I’m taking these pieces of original art and hiding them inside 9 copies of Forever winter 2. Buy a copy of the book and you might just find one inside. 

I had originally wanted to invite you to the stockpile studio for the day, but we don’t have a chocolate river, scary boat or any adorable death traps to lure your children into…we don’t even have singing little people.  Giving you some art seemed like the better option. 

Stockpile comics will be at table A6 for the 2013 small press expo, we hope to see you there. 


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~ Monday, September 9 ~
Small Press Expo, here we come!

Small Press Expo, here we come!

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~ Monday, June 3 ~

hey kids! look its new forever winter pages!

Most of the pages from forever winter 2 contain spoilers so you’re going to have to wait until its debut in september to see them, but its been way to long since I showed something on the blog. So with the help of a new scanner here’s a couple of pencilled pages (27 and 29)  for you to enjoy, or not, Blogs free what more could you want?! 

Forever winter 2 is currently enough finished that I’m really excited and has enough left that I’m having trouble sleeping, blurred vision and random episodes of chest pains….AH the glamour of making indie comics.  

Forever winter 2 is set to debut at this years small press expo 

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