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~ Sunday, May 20 ~

Forever winter # 1 Easter eggs

I swear some new FW art is right around the corner but in the meantime please to enjoy…

….A poorly written look at some things you might have missed in Forever winter # 1 By Joel Lolar 

page 2 panel 2: the guest book on the table where James places the supplies has not only the signature of Elrik but also the equally sinister Joe Daxberger (long time friend, One half of the dynamic Drawbox duo)

page 3 panel 4- A hardcover edition of the complete Man-gull appears on the floor. Its awesome. 

Page 6 panel 1- War & oats cigarettes, Named after the greatest actor of all time Warren Oates. 

It isn’t actually mentioned by name but a preview image of panel 2 was on my blog under the title “soup at il Tramonto”  which il tramonto (the sundown) is a track off of “the good, the bad, and the ugly”  soundtrack. 

Page 7- the Bar “Mcbrides” is a tribute to former classmate Steve Mcbride. The earliest version of the Forever Winter Script had The killer Elrik Debuting in Mcbrides’ Pub. 

Page 8- Another Former Classmate Karl Slominski (who wrote the forward and did the art chores on the back up story “killing on Mute”) appears under the blank white sign on the right. 

Page 9 Panel 1- a real parking lot/ restaurant  near fenway, you can see it in the movie “the town” when the police are lined up outside fenway waiting for Ben. 

panel 2- Gabe and Tobias towing is a tribute to fellow stock*pilers Jesse and rian’s book Broken legacy. This page was complete prior to the official start of Stock*pile. The license  plate as seen on the next page is BKNLGY

Page 11- 

the Train car is number 815, an obvious Tribute to LOST. 

"who watches the Man-gull" is a parody of watchmen and an obvious tribute to Man-gull. 

This page and the two that follow where the last pages complete for the first issue (it was originally planned as a back up, but got moved to the actual book cause i thought it split up the James stuff Nicely so Stock*pile was in full swing around this time. 

The Slommy Brand Coffee Makers in FW are named after Karl slominski (he wrote a forward and drew a backup, he deserves it. )

Page 12- 

Kry’s “Blaster”T-shirt comes from the greatest movie to combine arm wrestling, truck driving and a bitter child custody battle. “Over the Top” its worn by the Villian Bull Hurley

the dog (based on my real dog) is named Zee after the captain from the Bruins, zdeno chara. While the man “looch” shares his nick name with bruins forward Milan Lucic 

Page 13

Kry’s ringtone is written in a Blambot music note font…but it’s actually the lyrics to “how do you sleep” by John Lennon 

page 14 

dax brand canteens are available for purchase along with Lanterns from a company called “tweek” a nickname I have for my sister. 

page 15

the computer screen features an ED smiley face from the Anime series “Cowboy Bebop” also the computer itself is a “tomato” which is Ed’s computer in Bebop. 

in the last panel we have “Punk Rock Salt” a tribute to teacher, awesome artist and all around cool dude Toby “punk rock Jazz”  Cypress 

page 22 

the best shot of the cardboard box featuring the “sea lion” logo a parody of the food lion chain of grocery stores in Maryland. This is more of an inside Joke between me and Rian and can also be seen in Rian’s pinup in the gallery. 

back up stories 

Before you say good bye the Book that James gives to Kry is “imaginary angels” a real collection of poetry put out by my Friend Chris Pinney who would eventually edit Forever winter. 

Killing on Mute 

The chinese restaurant is named “gold coin” which was a real restaurant about a block from the house I lived in during my time at the Kubert school. They had the best spare ribs ever…I was heartbroken to find it had been sold and turned into a mexican restaurant in the years since I left dover. 

Well thats it, Kind of, there’s actually one more thing that shows up a couple of times in the issue (3 times) but I’m not really willing to put all the cards on the table Just yet. Hopefully you enjoyed this Look at some hidden goodies…if not? I mean the blogs free right? you can’t complain to much…


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